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Decorative Fence Installations…


Styles From Left to Right: Split Rail, Flat Top Picket, Baluster

These are pictures from recent installations involving some of the many decorative styles of fencing we offer.  If you are interested in one of these styles or would like to see additional styles, please give us a call.  We’ll be glad to provide a free estimate and product information.


Gothic Fence Installation


We recently installed the decorative 4′ Gothic wood fence for a backyard installation.  The fence turned out wonderful, our pictures hardly do it justice.  Customers can order this style of  fencing from our decorative fencing line.  If you would be interested in this particular style or other styles of  fencing for your property, please give us a call.

We were also very thankful for the generous kudzu review that resulted from this project.  We always appreciate when our customers take the time from their busy schedules to provide this type of feedback!    

Ornate Enclosure for Swimming Pool


We recently completed a rail enclosure for a family’s inground swimming pool.  It’s always a treat to install ornamental fences such as this.  Whether it’s around a pool, playground or general application, the results are visually stunning.   We were pleased with the referrals that resulted due to our client’s high satisfaction with the installation and product. 

Pet Fence Installation…Black Chain Link


A few weeks back, we installed fencing for a nice couple who needed to enclose a portion of their yard for their dog.  We installed about 250′ of black chain link fence.   We also provide installation services for wireless fencing applications that can be purchased from pet retail stores.   It was one of the rare days it actually rained as you can tell from the pictures we took after we completed installation. 

UPDATE:  We were thrilled with the nice review given to us at from our customers for this job!   We genuinely appreciate such kind expressions and will be sure that all the installers are reminded how much their hard work means to us and our customers! 

See their wonderful review here

The Fence People

Thank you for visiting our blog!  Instead of going with a traditional website, we’ve decided to start keeping track of our company’s growth, services, and fencing experiences through blogging.  Our goal is to be informative and accountable to the customers we serve.   Along the way, we plan to pass along tips to aid with fence buying decisions, share pictures and descriptions of projects that are keeping us busy, and information that relates to our company and products. 

Since this blog is a work in progress, check back regularly for updates.   In the meantime, to schedule a quote or request information, please contact:

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Take care!